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Home Office Interior Design Ideas

Home offices for people who work remotely or have a home based business need to be inspiring for top performance. Even offices for “home work” should be attractive and functional.  Having a stimulating work environment can help boost creativity during work hours.  There are many ideas online that can give inspiration for a home office interior design.  The trick is to find the design that matches your personality and also provides the needed functionality.

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Wood Furniture: A Consistent Trend in Interior Design

Are you looking to add wood furniture to your home’s interior designs.  Due to innovation and globalization, home furnishings are now being made from different materials ranging from solid hardwood and metal to veneer and plastics. With the many options available in the market, homeowners are hesitant when purchasing.  They often ask if the cost of solid hardwood is worth the costs.

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Kiddie Rooms – Nursery Room Designs and Inspirations

Nursery room designs conjure up visions of sugarplums, teddy bears, childhood fun and mother’s love. Babies are life’s greatest gifts, and as we prepare for their arrival, we want everything to be perfect for our bundle of joy. What’s not to love about them? They’re angels, adorable, and their scent is heavenly – well sometimes. When a family is redecorating their home and are expecting a new baby, my job is to deliver a beautiful nursery room appropriate for the baby’s gender and the parents’ needs.

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Outdoor Decor Tips, Ideas and Inspirations

Outdoor decor is one of the overlooked areas that most homeowner don’t consider enough. Well, in fact, it should be one of the most well-groomed places as it is a  reflection of what the house may look like inside. If you have a horrendous looking backyard or front entry, people may misjudge the inside of your home as well. They may think your house’s interior may be cluttered and may look similarly the same as what they see on the outside, ugly.

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Master Bedroom Design – Decorating the Master’s Bedroom is Always Fun

One of the key elements of the house is the master bedroom. It’s one of my favorites, a complicated room to design but a fun and fulfilling experience for me. What I like about decorating the private room is that I get a chance to get to know more about my clients. I believe their personal room is a mirror of their life story, personality, and taste.

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Decorating Ideas – Interior Design Ideas for Apartments

Every project, no matter how big or small, challenges me to let my creative juices work and deliver each design according to my client’s needs and wants. In approaching a small space such as a bachelor’s pad or an apartment, I use a different approach. Most of the time, furniture used is smaller, yet stylish and functional. Here are some of my personal picks and tips for interior design ideas for apartments.

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Lake House Interiors – Interior Designs for Lake Houses and Cottages

Lake House Interiors and Cottage Styles are some of the most favorite home interior designs. They are a relaxed and refreshing home design that always reminds me of a lazy summer day. There are a handful of households who want a cozy, laid-back interior and they opt for a cottage-style or a charming lake house feel. Some people enjoy these styles even for beach-front houses and coastal living.

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Living Room Design on a Budget and in a Hurry

My new client came to me to produce a total living room design on a budget in time for a party she was giving in 3 weeks time. She brought me a floor plan of the room. At first, she was convinced she wanted a sectional sofa, but together we decided a sofa was a better option. She had ordered a sofa and chair from a large discount store. However, when it arrived she realized it was too large. It was also of such inferior quality that she refused to accept it and demanded a refund.

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Storytelling through Interior Design and Decorating

Have you ever thought about how interior design relates to storytelling? Every person we see, meet, and greet has his or her story to tell. The way they look and how they dress can be a medium of their expression, outlook on life and a glimpse of their identity. The same goes for their homes; they serve as a mirror of their personality, the things they love about life.

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