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Microfiber Velvet – The Best New Fabrics in a Long Time

A few years ago, there appeared in the market two constructions of microfiber velvet. They have changed the way people choose fabrics and colors for their sofas. Customers with real lives, kids and pets, and let’s face it even adults can spill and soil furniture, can finally choose colors that are what they love instead of what they think will not look dirty or dingy after a short time. These fabrics are offered in an amazing number of colors. There is a color for every design scheme imaginable.

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Blue and White in Interior Design

Decorating with blue and white in interior design is probably the most classic color scheme that exists. It goes back to Chinese ceramics and porcelains that were imported into Europe for stylish interiors as early as the 17th century. The designs were a mix of Chinese, Islamic and European influences. Here you see an array of porcelain temple jars where we mix designs and sizes.

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Grasscloth in Interior Design

Let’s talk about grass cloth in interior design. It’s been around for centuries, but its last popular era was the 70’s. As wallpaper, in solid it can be less of a commitment than a pattern. What it does is add color and texture to a room either as an accent wall or all the walls in the room. Regardless of whether your scheme is a combination of colors working together or all neutrals, the texture of grass cloth wall covering adds dimension to the room.

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