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Woodland Hills, CA

Custom Upholstered Furniture

Custom Made Sofas & Chairs

ArchiteXture offers two levels of upholstered furniture: Custom and Semi-Custom Design.

Semi-Custom Design

We provide five upholstered sofa, and chair designs that can be made any size with design details as shown or modified to suit the client. For example, one client may prefer a sofa or chair with a deep seat while another would prefer the seat to be more shallow. The number of cushions and the width of the arms are examples of other details that can be changed at no additional charge.

Fabric Selection

We have an almost unlimited selection of fabrics from which to choose. Since we are designers, we are always there to assist the client in making a fabric choice that will coordinate with the other furniture and fabrics in the room and with their lifestyle. If multiple fabrics are to be used and coordinated, we can help our clients with that selection, making sure that the fabric for the sofa works with the fabric for the chairs and with the fabric for the ottoman and with the drapes.

Cushion & Pillows

We also provide several different cushion inserts. The client can choose the least expensive fill, which is a foam and fiberfill seat with fiberfill back pillows, or faux down or feather and down. All seats have a foam core that is then wrapped in whichever fill they choose. Faux down is the next price point alternative. It is plusher than fiberfill, and is a great choice for anyone allergic to down. The upkeep is also easier than down, since it does not have to be fluffed up as frequently as feather and down. Feather and down is the most plush, and most people prefer these cushions as one can sink into them.

Custom Design

Any sofa we sell can be made to any length or even as a sectional or as a sleeper sofa if that’s what the client desires.

Furniture Delivery

We have a local delivery service that will deliver anywhere in the Los Angeles area. We also have other delivery services that can deliver custom furniture anywhere in the country.