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Woodland Hills, CA

Custom-Made Designer Furniture

Custom-Built Furniture At Affordable Prices

ARCHITEXTURE can custom design and build any piece of furniture in hardwood or upholstery at a very affordable price. This design-build capability provides our clients with made-to-measure furniture that’s exactly the right size, color and style, with the desired upholstery, which will fit perfectly into their home and design scheme.

Hardwood, Upholstered & Original Designs

When our clients order custom-made furniture, they are able to specify size, fabric when it’s upholstery and finish if it’s wood. We also create unique pieces for clients who want to have something they’ll never find anywhere else.

We can use photographs of furniture found in a magazine, on the Internet or in a catalog. It can be reproduced exactly as seen or modified, retaining certain elements while adding others.

Custom Upholstered Furniture

Sofas, arm chairs, sectionals and headboards are the most frequently ordered custom-designed pieces. They come in custom and semi-custom orders. Custom orders are when a client brings us a photograph of a couch, chair, ottoman or bench and we make as it’s detailed in the photograph but to the client’s specifications.

Semi-Custom Upholstered Furniture

Semi-custom design orders allow a client to choose any of the designs shown in the store and customize it by changing detail measurements and upholstery at no extra charge. Of course, if there is a substantial change in its dimension or a fabric upgrade, there will be an additional charge. All upholstery is offered in countless fabric choices. If there is exposed wood on the upholstered pieces, there are many finish choices available.

Custom-Designed Hardwood Furniture

When it comes to custom-designed hardwood furniture, we are able to create any type of furniture – tables, chairs, cabinets, bookcases, beds or nightstands – in any type of hardwood and in any finish.

While custom furniture can be somewhat more expensive, our prices for custom-made pieces are far more affordable than you might think.