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Outdoor Decor Tips, Ideas and Inspirations

Outdoor decor is one of the overlooked areas that most homeowner don’t consider enough. Well, in fact, it should be one of the most well-groomed places as it is a  reflection of what the house may look like inside. If you have a horrendous looking backyard or front entry, people may misjudge the inside of your home as well. They may think your house’s interior may be cluttered and may look similarly the same as what they see on the outside, ugly.

As a seasoned interior decorator, I also work with outdoor spaces such as porches, gardens and patios. I believe that every inch of the home, including the front and backyard, should look beautiful. Here’s an outdoor decor I collaborated with my client who resides in Toluca Lake.

Whenever I design a backyard, I always make sure that it is a place where people can have a quick retreat from their busy lives. It should be a place of total relaxation that has a little taste of nature.

Since the swimming pool and fireplace are the main focal point of the garden, I intensified the look by incorporating neutral rattan furniture with umbrellas on each side. This helps balance the overall look design without adding too much. Just a subtle and natural hue to simply let the green grass and blue waters do its magic.

The patio is another area where the family and guests can lounge and simply see the stunning scenery of the garden. For this design, I introduced a pop of color by adding accent pillows against the soft, creamy cushions. I chose a side table and a decor candle holder as an accessory that is reminiscent of wood. I added a soft touch of a chandelier to add dramatic effect at night.

A front porch should look inviting as well. I am fond of bold-lacquered entrance doors in bright blue, black or deep red. It instantly builds a refreshing and exciting impression that can wow the guests. Of course, everything should be coordinated accordingly. Everything decorated in moderation is always pleasing to the eyes.

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