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Smart Bathroom Storage Ideas for an Organized Master Bath

Bathroom storage allows you to create a clean and organized bathroom especially if you custom design the bathroom storage. Also getting help from an interior designer to assist you with your bathroom storage. I recently renovated our hall bath in our home in Malibu as part of a larger project. One thing I love about the custom vanity I created is the organization of our toiletries efficiently. This is the bath used by my two daughters.

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Living Room Design Elements – Important Interior Design Elements in a Living Room

Decorating a living room or a family room can be tricky. That’s why I always make sure to speak with my clients and get to know their lifestyle needs. From there, I’ll have an idea what living room design elements I can incorporate to make their home reflect their family’s culture and values. As a Malibu interior designer, I always make sure to apply the essential elements every living room should have. Here’s how I evaluate each piece of furniture, accessory, and how these will make a serviceable living room.

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Bedroom Interiors and Bed Design Ideas

Since the bedroom is a place for rest and recuperation after a tiresome day, the bedroom interior should be conducive for optimal sleep and relaxation. Every piece of furniture should function at its best including the mattress, headboard, lights, carpets and even window treatments to get the best ambiance. When all these furnishings are balanced and reflect the purpose of the room, you will be sure to have a peaceful night and sweet dreams.

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Kid-Friendly Family Room Designs

Family Room designs present a multitude of challenges. They must be practical and useful for all members of the family but also attractive and easy to maintain.  As an interior designer in Pacific Palisades, Santa Monica, Malibu and Los Angeles, I am always solving problems for my clients to make everyday life easier and more functional.

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Pool House or Cabana Room Decor

Many homeowners in Los Angeles, Malibu, Santa Monica, and Pacific Palisades have swimming pools next to their houses. A pool house or a cabana room is a wonderful way to enjoy the pool in the comfort of climate control or out of the sun. If they have room to dedicate to spending time by the pool without actually being outside, this can be an excellent solution. A pool house or cabana can be either a detached pool house building or just a room off the pool. The one in this photo shows how, as an interior designer, I turned a family room space into an extension of the pool and brought the atmosphere of the outside into the room.

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Top 4 Factors to Consider When Hiring an Interior Designer

What should you consider before hiring an interior designer?  We all want a beautiful home but to achieve a balance of family-friendly furnishing with the right blend of home glamour, your best bet is to hire an interior designer. However, hiring the right one can be a challenge.   But this shouldn’t be a demotivator. Hiring a designer to decorate your home requires some planning and reflection as well as resources. Before selecting an interior designer, make sure you have decided what you want for your home.

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Transitional Versus Traditional Interior Design: What’s the Difference?

As you browse through hundreds of pages of home design magazines and online photos of interior designs, you’re probably left wondering how decorators distinguish between modern and contemporary or traditional and transitional. The design industry is a complicated field that prides itself on constant change and uniqueness. As an ordinary homeowner seeking a design style that suits your taste, here’s how we classify and differentiate traditional design from transitional.

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Decorating My Very Own White Kitchen Design in Malibu

White Kitchen Design in Malibu

The kitchen is always the heart of the house. We have heard that so many times. There are so many ways to design a kitchen, and there are also many places from which to start making choices. As an interior designer in Malibu, Santa Monica, Pacific Palisades, and Los Angeles, I get a sense of what’s most important to my clients, so we know where to start. When I designed my white kitchen, I decided that the most important element to me was to have a clean, streamlined look and functionality for the way my family lives. Like most people I have a great deal of things to store, so I needed the maximum amount of cabinet storage. I also wanted to keep as many things as possible off the counter tops.

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Small Area Space Hacks – How to Make Your Room Appear Larger

Many people these days chose to live in small houses, rooms or apartments. People want small area spaces to take advantage of the practicality,  the lower cost, and easy maintenance. But those small areas become very unpleasant interiors if you are not careful. Here are a few suggestions and small area space hacks that I can give as an interior designer to keep the home livable:

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Predictions for 2016’s Interior Design Trends

We’re counting days before a new year starts. Are you planning to redecorate your home’s interior design in 2016? As a Malibu interior designer, I’d love to share with you my thoughts and personal predictions for 2016 interior design trends to keep your house up-to-date with the current home decorating styles.

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