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Woodland Hills, CA

Custom-Made Hardwood Furniture

Custom-Built Hardwood Furniture

ArchiteXture Home has a team of excellent craftsmen that can produce any piece of furniture in hardwood and with any finish.

Custom-Designed Furniture

The range of their design and construction abilities include custom-designed tables, chairs, buffets, armoires, nightstands and even bathroom vanities. They work in all types of hardwood, including alder, oak, walnut and mahogany and can do any finish whether it’s stained or painted.

Over the years they have produced any number of dining room tables from photographs. They have also taken design elements from several different tables that our clients have admired and created an original piece through a combination of these elements.

They have even created interesting new designs by combining a variety of materials to create a totally unique effect.

Custom Finishes

They are happy to make finish samples available for the client to approve before putting the finish on the furniture.

Turn Around Time

The time frame to order custom wood furniture is usually from 4-8 weeks from order to completion.

Furniture Delivery

We have a local delivery service that will deliver anywhere in the Los Angeles area. We also have other blanket wrap delivery services that can deliver custom furniture anywhere in the country.

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