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Wood Furniture: A Consistent Trend in Interior Design

Are you looking to add wood furniture to your home’s interior designs.  Due to innovation and globalization, home furnishings are now being made from different materials ranging from solid hardwood and metal to veneer and plastics. With the many options available in the market, homeowners are hesitant when purchasing.  They often ask if the cost of solid hardwood is worth the costs.

As a Los Angeles interior decorator and furniture designer, I know that nothing compares to hardwood furniture for its organic feel and durability.

For starters, nothing beats the classic and timeless beauty solid wood furniture brings to your home. Wood is in style in every type of design. Not only does it hold natural, sophisticated beauty, the quality and durability of the wood can withstand wear and tear and can actually be guaranteed to last hundreds of years.

In the best case scenario solid wood furniture, custom-made to suit your needs and style is ideal. When you are able to build a piece of furniture that meets your style, space, needs and type of wood you have a thing of beauty.  The only downside is that it usually costs more.  However, it is my experience when working with the craftsmen through my store, Architexture, we can often design and build a new piece of furniture for less than ready made furniture.

If you’re ready to invest in custom hardwood furniture for your home, you’re on the right track!

I personally use and recommend wood furniture to my clients and incorporate it in my designs. It gives a room a distinct look and a certain luxurious feel and charm. Styling is also easy as natural wood can be combined with any color.  I work with wood craftsmen that can turn out beautiful custom designs but I also have a list of suppliers who provide wood furniture in every style, size, wood type and for every space you can imagine.

My advice is never hesitate if you want wood furniture!

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