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Lake House Interiors – Interior Designs for Lake Houses and Cottages

Lake House Interiors and Cottage Styles are some of the most favorite home interior designs. They are a relaxed and refreshing home design that always reminds me of a lazy summer day. There are a handful of households who want a cozy, laid-back interior and they opt for a cottage-style or a charming lake house feel. Some people enjoy these styles even for beach-front houses and coastal living.

Coastal Living offers more than sandy stretches of beaches. Some areas have lakes that offer a refreshing view, though not of the ocean. Although it’s a different feeling compared to the beach, the view of forested grounds, mountains and still water gives a subtle and calming effect for the soul and is preferred living for many.

To match a house’s interior with the natural view outside, the perspective should be light and pleasing to the eyes. The interior designs for lake houses or a cottage-style showcase simplicity and presents an inviting atmosphere. Prints are commonly seen in the furniture which adds a ‘charm’ factor. For contemporary lake house designs, soft shades of blues, creamy whites and natural colored finishes are commonly used. Some designers add distressed furniture for a timeless yet classy look.

This is a very traditional take on cottage style. The colors lend themselves to a coastal feel, but the style is much more formal and traditional. Los Angeles style is generally more casual. This more traditional and formal style is more prevalent on the east coast or the Midwest.

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