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Contemporary Home Designs in Southern California

Contemporary home designs are among the most popular interior design trends in Southern California, especially in the Los Angeles area. In today’s design spectrum, contemporary design means ‘less’ which aims for minimal designs, relaxed interiors and clean lines.

A modern or contemporary interior design holds these essential elements – metal accents, lighting fixtures, texture, earth tones and a little color. These key components make a home comfortably livable with a little sophistication. Below are some ideas to capture and add a contemporary style to your home interior.

An airy and open-space floor plan.

Gone are the days where a door separates one part of the house from another. A contemporary design diminishes the idea of boundaries. Hence, the iconic designed floor area opens with the kitchen, dining area and living room sharing one big space. Huge windows are favored to let natural light and air flow inside the house.

Adding stream-lined flooring and pieces.

Adding furniture which showcases lines with simple details is a classic element in any modern and contemporary home designs. Clean-cut, smooth, straight wooden floors or tilings are appealing to the eyes when accessorized with industrial materials.  This can give a distinct addition to your interiors without distracting from its minimal feature and appeal.

Appliances play a part in your overall design.

Stainless steel appliances are great accessories to a contemporary kitchen. Metals, stainless steel, chrome and even brass is a popular element because of their sleek finish and shiny, clean look. Electronics and wide tv screens can also serve as a focal point in your entertainment room. The only challenge for the designer is how to design and keep those cables hidden and out of sight.

Add textures.

One of the unique characteristics of a contemporary designs is the balance between contrasts. Smooth bare floors can be contrasted by using a heavy textured area rug to break up a space. Velvet, silk or even wool is a great way to contrast the smooth, sleek finish of metal accents. Upon selecting your fabric of choice, make sure to stay away from noisy patterns to achieve a contemporary style that relaxing and refreshing.

Lighting fixtures as additional accents.

Chandeliers and industrial light fixtures are popular in contemporary homes as it illuminates and complement the room’s beauty. Add lighting that has clean lines such as track lighting which is the best choice for modern and industrial designs.

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