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Woodland Hills, CA

Residential Interior Design Services

Abby Rose provides Residential Design Services for Interiors in Malibu, Santa Monica, Pacific Palisades and Greater Los Angeles. Her design aesthetic ranges from transitional to contemporary, from eclectic to traditional and from luxurious to comfortable. Her design philosophic draws from many years in fashion design followed by ownership of an interior design furniture store. As a home designer, she brings a modern home design to residential interiors.

Some of her specialties include:

Custom Design Advantage

Having a store is a great advantage to working with design clients. My shop, Architexture has many styles of seating for clients to try out for comfort or to use as a starting point for upholstery design. There are also larger pieces of furniture that can be custom made to fit the size and finish that works with the scheme. I have numerous lamps, accent furniture and small accessories that clients are welcome to take home and try out before deciding to keep them. The store offers a wonderful showroom for my design clients to experience furniture and accessories as well as see numerous fabrics in my vast library of textiles and wallpaper samples.

Color consultation

Most clients are afraid of color. It is an art to knowing how a particular color will feel in a room, either as the entire room or just an accent wall. I will advise which way to go and how to decide on the other elements of the room to work with the basic color story. Drawing on my experience in fashion design for unique color and texture combinations, I work with clients to pull together rooms that use color imaginatively.

Fabric selections

I have infinite sources for fabrics and choose the material for aesthetics as well as practicality. The colors and textures of fabrics are a crucial element of any room.

Space planning

I will come to the house and assess the shape and flow of each room to determine the best arrangement of furniture. We can also work from floor plans if rooms are under construction. The furniture layout of a room makes a tremendous difference. Most people don’t understand how to arrange furniture but as a home designer, I help to make sure the flow and function of a space works to the best advantage of the owner.

Furniture selection or custom design

I work with clients to understand what appeals to them and makes them happy. Then I take that information to create a room with just the right style and functionality of furniture. If the right pieces are available to purchase, we do that. If not, we create them. I create custom furniture that is upholstered, wood or metal to fit the style and size of anything that’s required. The modern home design requires not only style but also functionality that fits the lifestyle of the home owner.

Wall treatments

I will advise what type of wall treatments will work in any room. There are many choices, paint in a color that makes a statement or just creates a beautiful backdrop for other elements, wallpaper that is a texture or a pattern or novelty paint treatments. Depending on the uses for the room, the furniture selections and how it flows with the rest of the house is how we decide what type of wall treatment is appropriate.

Window treatments

I design every different type of window treatment. I will advise which treatment is the one to use depending on the shape and location of the windows or doors. I design draperies, fabric shades, woven shades, or wood blinds and shutters. Window treatments can enhance and complete a room. The decision of what type of treatment and which fabric to use is paramount.


As a residential design services specialist, I will decorate and source any flooring, such as wood, tile or stone. Then I will find just the right rug to work with the plan if desired.

Kitchen and bathroom design

I will work with the architect and contractor as a home designer to design the layout of the kitchen or bathroom. Then I will, in concert with the homeowner, choose all materials such as flooring, tile for walls and shower/bath in addition to appliances and fixtures.

Wall Decor, Lighting, and Accessories

These are the finishing touches for any room. Wall decor can be mirrors, art or lighting. Having just the right piece of art can make a big difference in a room. Of course, chandeliers and lamps must be part of the overall scheme and work with the design from the standpoint of shape and color. Then you have the little accents, interesting objects to place on tables and shelves that add the final layer to the beautifully designed room.