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Grasscloth in Interior Design

Let’s talk about grass cloth in interior design. It’s been around for centuries, but its last popular era was the 70’s. As wallpaper, in solid it can be less of a commitment than a pattern. What it does is add color and texture to a room either as an accent wall or all the walls in the room. Regardless of whether your scheme is a combination of colors working together or all neutrals, the texture of grass cloth wall covering adds dimension to the room.

Most of the choices in grass cloth are in a neutral color palette. They can be all one color or several shades of neutral in combination. Especially a room done in all neutrals will benefit from a wall or more in grass cloth. It is in this type of scheme that texture is even more important. Here are a few of the multitude of offerings in neutral grass cloth.

Even though most grass cloth is in neutral combinations, you can find grass cloth in almost any color palette you choose. There are even grass cloth designs with overprints. That way you have the texture and a pattern that adds quite a bit of interest to a room.

Since I am so enamored of the textures created by grass cloth, I have started designing furniture using grass cloth laminated in selective areas such as drawer faces and door panels. There are even pieces of furniture totally covered in the texture. It makes a room much more visually interesting to combine textures, especially in wood furniture. Since wood furniture functionally has a large presence in a room, breaking up the texture of just the wood makes it more unique and attractive.

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