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Microfiber Velvet – The Best New Fabrics in a Long Time

A few years ago, there appeared in the market two constructions of microfiber velvet. They have changed the way people choose fabrics and colors for their sofas. Customers with real lives, kids and pets, and let’s face it even adults can spill and soil furniture, can finally choose colors that are what they love instead of what they think will not look dirty or dingy after a short time. These fabrics are offered in an amazing number of colors. There is a color for every design scheme imaginable.

Previously, I would never have sold a sectional in this pale aqua the color of a swimming pool in the sun or the creamy color of this sofa. One client told me with her sectional in the creamy color that she feels like she’s sitting in a bowl of creme fraiche!

The amazing thing about these fabrics is that any mark or stain can be washed off with a gentle dish soap and water. I have washed off ink, oily dirt, footprints, spilled coffee and even squashed strawberries. Then you just wipe it with a cloth wet with clean water to avoid leaving any soap residue.

They are also very soft. Clients love them for sofas on which they lounge or recline. The velvet feels so soft against the skin.

It is so wonderful that now everyone with kids and pets is not relegated to owning a brown or black sofa!

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