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New Interior Design Trend: Lamps that Light Up Inside

It is always exciting when something new in interior design comes along. Being a Los Angeles designer, I see everything. It is hard to surprise me! But I am delighted to find these new lamps that light up inside.

Light Up Lamps

These lamps are so exciting. My clients can’t stop snapping them up. They are white porcelain and pierced with a design all around the base. There is a small light bulb inside the base of the lamp that can be lit on its own or at the same time as the standard bulb at the top of the lamp.

This allows the lamp to serve as a reading lamp or as an atmospheric soft ambient light. The style goes with all types of furniture.

The light in the base can serve as a nightlight. I have one client who leaves the lights in the bases on in a pair of lamps in her living room all night. That way, when someone in the household walks through the living room at night, the soft light leads their way.

I have another client who leaves the base light on the small version on a dresser in her baby’s room. When she has to come in the room to feed the baby at night, she can see, but the light is soft enough not to prevent the baby from sleeping.

What a great find these lamps are! Check out our furniture and interior design store for night lamps, chandeliers and decorative lighting.

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