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Blue and White in Interior Design

Decorating with blue and white in interior design is probably the most classic color scheme that exists. It goes back to Chinese ceramics and porcelains that were imported into Europe for stylish interiors as early as the 17th century. The designs were a mix of Chinese, Islamic and European influences. Here you see an array of porcelain temple jars where we mix designs and sizes.

One of the beautiful things about blue and white pieces is that they can mix with almost any other color story. Even though the actual pieces are usually traditional (as this toilet design), they look great in an eclectic mix with more contemporary design schemes as evidenced by the vignette by Jonathan Adler. As a matter of fact, the way to bring the traditional blue and white pieces into a modern story is to mix them with more unexpected color combinations.

In the store (as well as seen from some of our vendors), our favorite way to update traditional blue and white pieces is mixing with aqua and turquoise. You can take an old world, traditional blue and white lamp and by putting it next to an aqua sofa, it is immediately updated. We also mix blue and white accessories with turquoise and teal items to give a contemporary look.

This is a sample of blue and white mixed with spring green from Thibaut, one of our favorite directional fabric and wallpaper suppliers. I am including more samples of fabrics, many of which also come as wallpaper as well as room vignettes using their designs.

Blue and white, on its own or accented with other colors is always a fresh, crisp approach to design.

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