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Bedroom Interiors and Bed Design Ideas

Hancock Park Bedroom Custom Headboard

Since the bedroom is a place for rest and recuperation after a tiresome day, the bedroom interior should be conducive for optimal sleep and relaxation. Every piece of furniture should function at its best including the mattress, headboard, lights, carpets and even window treatments to get the best ambiance. When all these furnishings are balanced and reflect the purpose of the room, you will be sure to have a peaceful night and sweet dreams.

Bedroom Interiors:

The bedroom is one of the fun and interesting rooms to decorate, so I always ask my client to share their preference for mood and color. I believe that the bedroom should exude a person’s character. I am a firm believer that the four corners should have a bit of customization to showcase the person’s personality.

The bedroom interiors can be playful, bold or laid-back depending on the room owner’s personality. But in this Malibu bedroom interior design project, my client is a lover of earth-toned tunes that creates a zen-like relaxation.

Mattress, Headboard and Bed Design Ideas:

One of the most essential elements in a master bedroom design is the bed itself. The bed should be the main focal point of the room and should also serve the primary function to provide optimum sleep. The mattress should be comfortable – not too so soft, not too hard. Of course, it will always depend on the client’s preference. Some prefer soft cushions while other clients who experience back muscle strains may opt for an orthopedic-type of mattress. Some prefer king size and others opt for the smaller beds.

One can play and accessorize with the headboard. For one of my clients who resides on Barnes Circle, we custom-made a headboard fused with soft faux leather that goes with the bed frame. To give an emphasis on the beautiful headboard, we chose light wood to serve as its frame. This gives the right amount of texture and color variety to contrast the cotton linens.

To add a little flair to the bed design, I decided to use furry accent pillows. The hues perfectly match the linens and acts as a good contrast to the leather. I finished the look by adding an ethnic print ottoman.

Side Tables, Lamps and Window Treatments for Bedroom Interior Design Ideas:

Since my client wanted a laid-back and relaxing ambiance for the bedroom, we used neutral and earth tone hues for the furnishings. The side lamps and shades are similar in texture and style to the wall paper while the window treatments are 2 shades darker.

We kept the bedroom styling symmetrical due to the window placement – twin lampshades, custom-made side tables and window treatment. We decided to add photo frames on the other side of the bed while keeping freshly picked flowers on the right.

This particular bedroom project challenged my creativity to create a room that maintained the focus with Zen like simplicity and still had enough contrast and energy to be dynamic and appealing.  The client loves it and I must say that it is an inviting and refreshing space!

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