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Kid-Friendly Family Room Designs

family-friendly furniture

Family Room designs present a multitude of challenges. They must be practical and useful for all members of the family but also attractive and easy to maintain.  As an interior designer in Pacific Palisades, Santa Monica, Malibu and Los Angeles, I am always solving problems for my clients to make everyday life easier and more functional.

As a mother of two, I face some of the same problems in my home life. For example, my children always want to eat in front of the TV, whether it’s a meal or just a snack. I always resisted allowing this, since I didn’t want food on my furniture or the predictable accidents happening. In addition to upholstering my sectional sofa in a microfiber fabric to make clean-ups easier, I created a spot in the room especially for the kids to eat where they would not soil anything.

I placed a small side table about 28″ high with an easy to clean marble top away from the rest of the furniture. Then I created 2 small chairs scaled to work with the height of the side table. The chairs are also in a microfiber velvet fabric, so they can be easily cleaned. In addition, they are in a bright accent color that adds a little spice to the room. Now I have a spot for the kids to eat and be messy if they want to be.  Having a kid friendly family room design makes life much more pleasant.

The variety of patterns, textures, styles and colors creates a dynamic design in this room. Harmonizing the styles and colors can be difficult, even for interior designers. But a professional who has a sense of balance and a keen eye for scaling and detail, can mix unique pieces of furniture and create a beautiful room with multiple uses.

I personally love using prints and different textures in my own interior design projects. This view of my home shows my passion for colors, prints and different textures.

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