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Small Area Space Hacks – How to Make Your Room Appear Larger

Many people these days chose to live in small houses, rooms or apartments. People want small area spaces to take advantage of the practicality,  the lower cost, and easy maintenance. But those small areas become very unpleasant interiors if you are not careful. Here are a few suggestions and small area space hacks that I can give as an interior designer to keep the home livable:

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Kiddie Rooms – Nursery Room Designs and Inspirations

Nursery room designs conjure up visions of sugarplums, teddy bears, childhood fun and mother’s love. Babies are life’s greatest gifts, and as we prepare for their arrival, we want everything to be perfect for our bundle of joy. What’s not to love about them? They’re angels, adorable, and their scent is heavenly – well sometimes. When a family is redecorating their home and are expecting a new baby, my job is to deliver a beautiful nursery room appropriate for the baby’s gender and the parents’ needs.

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Outdoor Decor Tips, Ideas and Inspirations

Outdoor decor is one of the overlooked areas that most homeowner don’t consider enough. Well, in fact, it should be one of the most well-groomed places as it is a  reflection of what the house may look like inside. If you have a horrendous looking backyard or front entry, people may misjudge the inside of your home as well. They may think your house’s interior may be cluttered and may look similarly the same as what they see on the outside, ugly.

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Interior Design Trends: Navy Blue Kitchens

Navy Blue kitchens are an increasing interior design trend. Some people find it an unconventional palette to use in kitchens compared to the traditional use of brown and neutrals. Others say that the color blue can curb one’s appetite. Well, for me, nothing could be better than to curb my appetite when in the kitchen!  But regardless of opposition, this trend to see some shades of blues in the kitchen is rising.

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Interior Designer Adds “Pop” of Color to Living Room

An Interior Designer can add a pop of color that invigorates the room. Interior designers can bring a new element or point of view to a room that the owners have not considered and it can make all the difference! In this case, the designer added a sapphire blue sofa as the central piece. Standing as a bright, attention grabbing pop of color against neutral backgrounds, it directs the eye to all other important elements. The sofa, a handsome and strong piece of furniture, focuses this lovely room and encourages you to enjoy the natural outside space. It is reminiscent of seeing a rare blue bird in the trees.

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Coastal Living and Special Decorating Needs for Beach Houses

Beach houses provide a relaxing retreat – you can enjoy the breezy air, sand on your feet, the majestic view of the ocean and the ever beautiful sunsets or sunrises. If you’re lucky to reside near or by the beach, interior decorating can be challenging. Design should deliver a balance of beach lifestyles and still reflect your personal style.  Thus, special decorating is critical and must be addressed to achieve it.  Most coastal decorating follows the beach house as a vacation theme.

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