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Coastal Living and Special Decorating Needs for Beach Houses

Beach houses provide a relaxing retreat – you can enjoy the breezy air, sand on your feet, the majestic view of the ocean and the ever beautiful sunsets or sunrises. If you’re lucky to reside near or by the beach, interior decorating can be challenging. Design should deliver a balance of beach lifestyles and still reflect your personal style.  Thus, special decorating is critical and must be addressed to achieve it.  Most coastal decorating follows the beach house as a vacation theme.

Most of the time, a beach home has wide and large windows for a bright and breezy ambiance. In these cases, you can attain an inviting living room space by minimizing window treatments and allowing the natural light and air to enter the room freely. Usually, a beach house’s furniture is composed of neutral shades and light-weight materials that are smooth and easy on the eyes. Incorporating pastel colors or shades of aqua for your coffee table, pillows, and other decorative accessories can instantly create a beautiful impact.

Coastal Living Patios

The patio is the perfect spot for socializing – host a barbecue party, wine and dine, bond with your family over snacks or just enjoy the beauty of nature. It can also be the perfect place just to relax, hear the waves, enjoy a good book or sip tea and think about nothing! The patio can be as loud or laid-back as you desire.  Sofas and tables made from rattan can withstand water and clean easily. You can simply add customized cushions for comfortable lounging.

Beach Kitchens

The full kitchen usually has an open-concept floor plan and is spacious. Because beach houses are often designed as retreats, most of the kitchens have simple designs. A shabby chic or cottage look makes it more inviting and reminds of simplicity. Cabinetry commonly stained white, teal or mint creates a crisp and refreshing look. You can cap the kitchen look by having citrus colored China for added oomph and happy feel.

Beach Master Bedroom

The master bedroom is a sanctuary meant for complete relaxation and rest. Opt for soft neutrals and pastel colors to use for your carpet, beddings and pillowcases. White window treatments give an added soft touch to the bedroom.

Are you lucky to live in Malibu or any place near the beach? Whether your house is near the shoreline or far away from the coast, you will want it to reflect your style and to be a real home for your family.  Some may prefer the casual vacation beach style described here but don’t forget the sophisticated beach home option.  We will write more about that another time.  So stay tuned!

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