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Interior Designer Adds “Pop” of Color to Living Room

An Interior Designer can add a pop of color that invigorates the room. Interior designers can bring a new element or point of view to a room that the owners have not considered and it can make all the difference! In this case, the designer added a sapphire blue sofa as the central piece. Standing as a bright, attention grabbing pop of color against neutral backgrounds, it directs the eye to all other important elements. The sofa, a handsome and strong piece of furniture, focuses this lovely room and encourages you to enjoy the natural outside space. It is reminiscent of seeing a rare blue bird in the trees.

Interior Designer Adds Pop of Color

Why this color? According to the client’s wishes, we decided on a cool palette. The grey rug is a neutral base upon which to build the rest of the colors in the room. The blue of the sofa, while being a non-neutral color almost reads as a neutral. That’s because this medium blue can be mixed with so many other colors that it can act as a neutral. We tried many different ideas for art in this living room. We finally decided on the green image, because it felt right with the cool color palette. Also, the bright colors in the pillows on the chairs gives a lively accent to the room.

Does the color matter? Could it have been red and created the same impact?

Colors create a mood. The room could have been done with a grey rug and a red sofa or vice versa, but it would have had a totally different mood. The cool colors make it a very relaxing space. Had the colors been reds and oranges, the feeling would have been more excitement and high spirits. Had the client asked for reds, I may have suggested a more neutral sofa and accented the room with reds.

How does blue draw the outside in? Since the outside is a palette of greens, the blues and greys of the room continue the coolness of the outdoor color palette. It unifies the outside and the inside into one color story.

Most people would focus on the baby grand piano – why not? A baby grand piano always adds elegance to a room. We are planning to add another piece, an etagere, in black that will be placed diagonally opposite from the piano. This will give the room balance with something black in opposite corners.

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