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Eco-Friendly Home Living Room Designs

The popularity of green living and eco-friendly home designs continues to rise. We have not only become better stewards of mother nature, we also appreciate the innate beauty of natural elements. Therefore, we want to incorporate this into our overall home design.

Eco-Friendly Living Room Designs

The living room show above is designed to focus on the natural area outside and accentuated with neutral and earth-toned furnishings. Playing with furniture color and decorative accessories in a natural theme can be tricky. The reason this client chose to go with an all neutral palette is to not draw attention from the beauty of the trees and abundance of nature seen through the glass wall.

The way to keep a neutral story interesting is to vary the shades of neutrals, mix lights with mediums and darks. Also, texture becomes very important when working with all neutral colors. Using varying textures gives the eye more to look at.

Since the quality of light changes from season to season, the look of the neutral palette in the room will also change. In summer and spring the light from outside is warmer, which will give a more yellow caste to the room. In fall and winter, the quality of light is cooler, thereby giving a grayer caste to the room.

Eco-friendly as with any design direction can be timeless. The use of best new fabrics and classic shapes is what keeps a room classic. Quirky touches can always be added to reflect the individuality of the client, but timeless means classic shapes and classic colors, at least for the large pieces in the room.

Eco-Friendly Home Furnishings

One of the most impressive elements of an eco-friendly house includes the towering glass walls and doors.  These enables natural light to freely enter the room during the day. The trees that surround the house may serve as natural shade and make the inside space more private – no curtains or window treatments needed.

To top it off, the light wood beams and ceiling creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. Glass panels that are installed on the roof allow more light to enter the room. When the moon is bright at night, moonbeams can freely enter inside the living room for a romantic atmosphere. The fireplace and a few lamps also serve to light the room during the night.

Eco-friendly home designs are most impressive when the exterior of a house is inviting. However, the style can fit people who just love and appreciate the beauty of nature no matter how small. Be part of the green movement and start styling your home using eco-friendly materials and designs.

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