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Interior Design Trends: Navy Blue Kitchens

Navy Blue kitchens are an increasing interior design trend. Some people find it an unconventional palette to use in kitchens compared to the traditional use of brown and neutrals. Others say that the color blue can curb one’s appetite. Well, for me, nothing could be better than to curb my appetite when in the kitchen!  But regardless of opposition, this trend to see some shades of blues in the kitchen is rising.

Working with navy blue is relatively easy especially when paired with a bright, crisp white. It is versatile and can be easily mixed with other colors. Blue hues can range from pastels, aqua, deep navy to royal blue. Overall, the color provides a soothing and calming atmosphere which makes it a popular choice for decorating.

The navy blue and white color palette of this kitchen can speak for itself. This white and navy blue kitchen design is a breath of fresh air! The simplicity of the colors and design lines give an elegance to the overall effect. The drama of the contrast makes the small space seem bigger than life. The cabinets are lacquered in white accented with navy blue paint and blue marinière window treatments.

One thing to remember when creating a navy blue kitchen is to use lots of white. The majority of the kitchen is white. Even though the walls are navy, since so much of the kitchen walls are covered with cabinetry and window, the navy walls don’t make the space feel dark.

The choice would be to either paint the walls navy, or we could do the peninsula in navy, as long as we keep the predominant color white. The navy and white story is very crisp and clean, especially with the wide navy and white stripe on the window Roman shades.

Another reason I recommend navy and white as a color scheme is that it is a classic color scheme that’s not trendy and will look as up to date in 10 or 20 years as it does today. I like my work to always look up to the minute. However, it should always be able to stand the test of time. It should never look outdated even after many years. In the kitchen in this photo, since all the hard surfaces are white or gray, the homeowner can change the entire feeling in the kitchen just by changing wall color and window treatment. That way, they can refresh the look after they have had it for a long time. The scheme will not look outdated, but often people just want a new color story for a change of pace. For other unique kitchen decorating ideas, follow this link.

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