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Tag: coastal living

Pool House or Cabana Room Decor

Many homeowners in Los Angeles, Malibu, Santa Monica, and Pacific Palisades have swimming pools next to their houses. A pool house or a cabana room is a wonderful way to enjoy the pool in the comfort of climate control or out of the sun. If they have room to dedicate to spending time by the pool without actually being outside, this can be an excellent solution. A pool house or cabana can be either a detached pool house building or just a room off the pool. The one in this photo shows how, as an interior designer, I turned a family room space into an extension of the pool and brought the atmosphere of the outside into the room.

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Coastal Living and Special Decorating Needs for Beach Houses

Beach houses provide a relaxing retreat – you can enjoy the breezy air, sand on your feet, the majestic view of the ocean and the ever beautiful sunsets or sunrises. If you’re lucky to reside near or by the beach, interior decorating can be challenging. Design should deliver a balance of beach lifestyles and still reflect your personal style.  Thus, special decorating is critical and must be addressed to achieve it.  Most coastal decorating follows the beach house as a vacation theme.

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