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Living Room Design Elements – Important Interior Design Elements in a Living Room

Decorating a living room or a family room can be tricky. That’s why I always make sure to speak with my clients and get to know their lifestyle needs. From there, I’ll have an idea what living room design elements I can incorporate to make their home reflect their family’s culture and values. As a Malibu interior designer, I always make sure to apply the essential elements every living room should have. Here’s how I evaluate each piece of furniture, accessory, and how these will make a serviceable living room.

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Living Room Design on a Budget and in a Hurry

My new client came to me to produce a total living room design on a budget in time for a party she was giving in 3 weeks time. She brought me a floor plan of the room. At first, she was convinced she wanted a sectional sofa, but together we decided a sofa was a better option. She had ordered a sofa and chair from a large discount store. However, when it arrived she realized it was too large. It was also of such inferior quality that she refused to accept it and demanded a refund.

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Los Angeles Interiors – Living Room Design Ideas

A living room has many functions. It can be used to accommodate and entertain guests, as a place to relax, sip a warm and soothing cup of tea or do completely nothing but hangout. If you don’t have a separate space for the family room, the living room can be used for watching television and spending time with the family.

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