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The Best Dining Table Choices

The dining table is an essential piece of furniture for your house. This is where family and friends share a meal, tell jokes and trade stories. In Los Angeles with our busy lifestyles, sitting at the dining table may be our only opportunity to speak to our family every day.  As a Malibu Interior Designer, I love to help families choose the perfect table for their home.

The dining table is a gathering place where your family and guests bond to each other over drinks and good food. So it is important for a household to consider the best design for your dining table before selecting it.

In general, the best dining table can be round or rectangular, depending on floor size and preference. The table itself can be made out of wood, tiles, marble, metal and glass or a combination of these.

If the dining area is square, a round table is more feasible. But in most cases, in a rectangular room, a long, traditional formal dining table is the best option.

What makes a rectangular dining table a preferable choice for many is its capacity to host and entertain large group of people. It’s width on average is between 36 inches (European) and 42 inches (American).  A table that is 44 inches wide has the benefit of being able to accommodate 2 people at the end vs. just 1.

You’ll simply love how a rectangular table can comfortably seat a full-table with plenty of room for refreshments, full-course meals, desserts and elbow movement.

I love a table that can instantly extend to accommodate more guests and then be able to return to its original setting with just a couple of inserts. As a designer I find this not only a beautiful design but put a functional piece as well. This is what modern interior design is all about.

Speaking of beautiful dining tables did you know that the exquisite table shown here is custom made from mahogany and is available to order from my shop.

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