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Bathroom Decor Ideas to Achieve a Spa-Like Sanctuary

Bathroom decor is just as important as your living room and master bedroom decor. If you want to achieve a spa-like atmosphere, harmony and balance are key. Choosing the ideal color scheme, bathroom plumbing supplies, bath fixtures and adding the right amount of decorative accessories can help transform your bath suite into a high-end oasis.

As a Studio City interior designer, I’ll share with you some bathroom decor tips to help you dress up your master bath space.

Bathroom Decor Tips for Your Studio City Homes

#1 Choose a beautifully patterned shower curtain, if needed.

One inexpensive way to liven up a dull bathroom is to add a pretty patterned shower curtain unless you have glass shower doors installed. You may pattern your decorative accessories regarding color hue of your chosen curtain. You’ll be surprised by the results!

#2 Pucker up your bathroom walls.

Just like your living room, kitchen, and bedroom, your bathroom has walls. It remains a blank canvass to get creative. A homeowner may opt to paint one side of the room with a bold color to create a focal point. If you’re leaning toward a dramatic look, you can hang a collection of paintings or create an art gallery that compliments your wall paint color.

#3 Decorate with tile.

If you want to highlight your shower area, it’s best to elevate your bathroom decor by using tiles as the decorative accent. One can choose a striking color, patterns or a different texture to dress it up. A beautiful tile design can transform any plain-looking bathroom into something spectacular that truly stand out. You may also choose to have graphic-designed floor tiles against white-walled subway tiles.

#4 Incorporate life into your bath space.

Adding indoor plants gives life and a fresh look in any bath suite. Succulents are one of the popular choices as they are used to the humidity and lack of sunlight. Other indoor plants to consider are aloe vera, bamboo, peace lily or ivy which is a good air purifying plant!

#5 Add decorative accessories.

It may seem over the top but to make a beautiful bathroom sanctuary, you need the right amount of accessories and bathroom decor. A beautiful brass organizer can serve as added storage for toiletries, bath towels, scented candles, and decoratives.

Bathrooms and master bath suites are mostly overlooked when it comes to interior design, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Give them the attention they deserve, and you’ll be surprised to have an indoor retreat oasis that you’ll love for years. For bathroom decor assistance, you can reach out to us. Abby Rose is a Studio City interior designer who also owns decorative and custom furniture store, Architexture. Contact us today for a consultation.