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2018 Holiday Decor Ideas

2018 Holiday Decor Ideas

It is that time of the year to transform your home into the latest holiday trends. You can go minimal or over-the-top, choose the chic, modern or traditional style. We bring you some of the top unique 2018 holiday decor ideas that will help you get into the spirit and give your home the festive look.

Give Cheer to Your Home Interior: 2018 Holiday Decor Ideas

Go Natural –

    • This holiday season, decorate your home with fresh wreaths, evergreen boughs, fresh flowers and garlands. Pair them up the in-season citrus fruits like lemon, oranges and tangerines. It will give your abode a beautiful natural look and a fresh, wonderful smell.
    • Instead of ribbons to top your gifts, use a pretty piece of greenery. This will make your gifts stand out.
  • Create a green runner on your mantle. Pair fresh greens with white lights.
    1. Use your Gifts as Decor – Want to show off your gifts? Line them up on your staircase, place them in other areas/spots of your house where guests can easily view. This is a great accessory to decorate for the holiday season this year.
    2. Decorate the unexpected places – This festive season, focus on brightening up the nooks and corners of your home. Let the festivities flow into every part of your abode.
    3. Use Pastels – The reds and whites are always there, but this season, pastels are trending. You can go for the blues and pinks while selecting ornaments and decor items this year.

Gilded Greenery – As going natural is one of the most popular 2018 home decor trends, all-gold garlands and wreaths are a big draw.

Embellished plaids, festive message lights are also trending this festive season. Based on your likes and your home’s decor theme, there are many more 2018 holiday decor ideas. Taking the help of an experienced professional is the way to go to save you time and energy and also to make sure you are happy with the holiday look of your house.

If you are in the Studio City, Malibu, Santa Monica, Pacific Palisades, and greater Los Angeles area, you can reach out to us for holiday design services. Abby Rose brings you exceptional 2018 holiday decor ideas, being an outstanding interior designer in Studio City and greater Los Angeles area. Fully equipped with an amazing understanding of the different colors, styles, textures, combinations, and tastes, she can decorate your home per your taste, for this holiday season. Call us at 818-760-3399 or send an email via our contact form today!