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Update Your Home by Investing in a Malibu Kitchen Remodeling

Today’s Malibu kitchen remodeling trend focuses on aesthetics, sustainability and functionality. A kitchen remodel is a significant investment that brings “new life” to an old home. Based on a national review, this year’s kitchen update can recoup as high as 59% of the total cost. It’s an excellent long-term investment especially if you’re planning to sell your house soon. As much as you like the sound of saving money by doing a DIY project, you could end up paying more as expected. Let a professional interior designer and contractor complete the tasks to give your outdated kitchen a good face-lift.

Malibu Kitchen Remodeling Benefits

Kitchen renovation offers several advantages for the homeowner. One of the more significant benefits is space. A kitchen remodeling project in Malibu and surrounding areas is first and foremost needed to create a functional kitchen. A homeowner should be able to communicate all their needs and wants to their designer. Specify if you need a certain amount of storage space to keep the area neat and clutter-free.

Among the reasons for a kitchen updates is to create a vibrant new space. A complete overhaul changes the kitchen’s aesthetic substantially . It creates an opportunity for a design from a traditional look to a contemporary kitchen design or vice versa. Since the project is upscale, you can choose a new countertop in granite, custom cabinetry, hardware, appliances. Plumbing and lighting fixtures. Your interior designer can curate a list of items needed for the kitchen project.

Another excellent benefit of redesigning your kitchen is making it energy efficient. Update your old kitchen appliances to energy-efficient electric appliances to reduce energy costs. Upgrading your lighting fixture to LED lowers heat and energy consumption as well.

A Malibu kitchen remodeling project can increase the value of your home. Almost all kitchen renovations have an excellent record of high return on investment. The amount of investment will eventually pay off when you decide to sell the house.

Lastly, a full kitchen update can help you achieve your dream kitchen. You can rekindle a passion for cooking or have the energy when doing chores in a beautiful and functional kitchen. The more you and your family spend time in a kitchen; the more enjoyable and worthwhile your investment can get.

What are you waiting for? Contact a designer for your interior design in Malibu project and reap all the benefits for your kitchen remodeling project! Give me a call at 818-760-3399 for a kitchen remodeling consultation.

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