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Eclectic Living Room Interior Design in Malibu

Eclectic living room style encompasses a variety of periods and styles that are brought together through the use of color, texture, shape and finish. Eclectic Design is defined by contrasts, patterns, textures, different styles from different time periods. There is a fine line between a beautifully eclectic room and simply a haphazard and chaotic room. An eclectic approach often creates chic out of chaos and is a fun design project.

Harmonizing a variety of styles can be difficult even for interior decorators. But professionals who have a sense of balance and a keen eye for scale, can mix unique pieces of furniture and are able to create a beautiful story in the room. This makes eclectic design a specialty for a few home interior designers.

I personally love mixing styles and using a variety of prints and different textures in my own design projects. One of my previous projects, Eclectic in Malibu, showcases my passion for pops of colors, prints and different textures.

I have to admit, harmonizing the different patterns can be troublesome at times. Eclectic design has a lot in common with Jazz you have to see through to the beauty of disorder in it. In this project I chose soft designs so I can easily mix it with subtle tones and hues.

If you’ll look closely, you will see I’ve chosen different prints in different colors for the accent pillows on the sofa. The gold and white floral pillow accent balances the strong hues of blues. The Mariniere side chair, the centerpiece vase and candle blends in perfectly with the baby blue powdered walls.

As artsy as I am, I wanted to amplify the chicness of the room with a beautiful side lamp in brass. I’ve added a few more chairs and a table to go with it as the entire room offers so much space. To cap my overall living room design, I’ve chosen a textured patterned rug.

Looking at the other angle, the living room is lit by beautiful glass doors. Since the furnishings I used are somewhat busy, I opted for subtle window treatments. The media cabinet I selected is sleek and classy with two open shelve units to offer more storage. The symmetry it brings creates a space perfectly fit for the LED flat screen TV to be easily viewed from any point of the room.

It’s definitely a great experience to decorate an eclectic living room loaded a variety styles. It makes a room interesting and creates a story full of imagination. With pops of colors everywhere harmonizing with the textures, it certainly brings out a uniqueness and charm of a home.

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