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Woodland Hills, CA

Toluca Lake House Design Project

These clients did not have even one piece of furniture when I met them, not even a chair to sit on. They had only a mattress and box spring on a metal frame. We started with a sectional in their family room, so they could at least sit and relax and a table and chairs in their kitchen so they had a place to sit and eat. This was an especially satisfying project, since the homeowners have become very close friends even though I didn’t know them before we began the project. Every decision made about color, furniture and accessories was discussed and analyzed to a great extent. I was fine with that, since it allowed me to spend time with my good friends.

We decided to create a family room and dining room that are open to each other using a warm tone color palette and the living room and entry using a cool color palette. For the master bedroom we went with a zen feeling, all quiet neutrals and natural textures. Even the nightstands are covered in leather and the dresser drawers in grasscloth. By bringing in strong textures we can create interest even when the color palette is not very high contrast. For the guest room we took a diversion into blues and purples, purple being the favorite color of the woman of the house. We even papered an accent wall in eggplant raw silk in the home office.

I love to see the house now and how it is almost complete while remembering when we started and that there was not a piece of furniture. To view slideshow, click and hover over image for arrows.

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