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Architexture – Interior Design Store

ARCHITEXTURE is an interior design and home furnishings business that located on Ventura Boulevard in Studio City for over 20 years. Abby Rose owns this gem of a store and is its principal interior designer.  Architexture is comprised of a home furnishing store — offering designer furniture, lighting and decorative accessories,  custom-crafted hardwood and upholstered furniture and a full-service interior design studio.

Architexture provides a personal, customized approach to interior design needs of our clients with the goal of providing a custom-design look without having to pay the custom price.

Abby Rose Interior Designer and Store Owner

As both the owner of Architexture and the principal interior designer, when clients contact me looking to design or update their home, I can assist in a number of ways. Whether a client needs a total makeover or is starting from scratch with a new home, I offer a comprehensive interior design service.  I can use the vast resources through the store and vendor relationships or I can explore other avenues to find just what my client wants and needs.

My goal is to assist you in creating a home that is both beautiful and functional as well as uniquely your own. And while I often work with clients in my store, I see the world as their oyster and will use any resource or vendor that provides the required product or service.

If you have pieces you love and want to keep but need help to update or enhance a room or rooms, I can help.  I offer a large selection of designer furniture, fabrics, custom lighting and a whole range or art and decorative accessories. I can also pull together and accessorize a room that needs a finishing touch.

The ArchiteXture Advantage

One of the benefits of owning ARCHITEXTURE is that I shop the market on a regular basis and know where to find almost anything one could possibly desire in furniture, lighting, and accessories. And if I can’t locate what my client wants in the marketplace, I work with wonderful craftsmen to create or modify a custom piece of furniture.  My goal is to provide my clients with a custom-design look without the custom price.

Custom Home Furnishings & Interior Design Without The Custom Price